About TFPI

The Freedom Project India is not just an organisation, it's a movement, a voice for those who are voiceless, a beacon of light, a rekindling of hope, a declaration - "free at last"

Director, TFPI


The Freedom Project India aims to improve holistic outcomes for families including children, youth and women from vulnerable communities through programs promoting child protection, family values and relationships, preventive health, education, sport, skill training, income generation and capacity building.

Director, TFPI


Our justice program secures freedom, justice and restoration for girls, women and children trapped in commercial sexual exploitation , child labour and bonded labour and protects thousands more from exploitation.

TFPI does this by equipping and building a community of people who will be aware and alert to prevent the trafficking of persons whether it is at source , destination or in transit and expanding our unique partnership model and casework experience to increase government-led rescue operations across the state of Karnataka.

Our justice program also runs a Rapid Assessment Centre (RAC) for women survivors of human trafficking. The beneficiaries undergo both short-term and long-term individualized rehabilitation programs that aims to reintegrate them back into society. The program commits to stand by each victim/survivor of trafficking for as long as they need our support.

TFPI - Sports 

Our youth empowerment program works with 500 young boys and their families in 6 underprivileged communities across Bangalore, through the facilitation of a sports program, livelihood training, career guidance and job placements, and family-based relationship building initiatives, creating citizen role models and agents of change to contribute towards positive, sustainable outcomes for the target communities.

This is achieved through a process facilitated by the project team of coaches and counsellors building relationships with the youth and their families on a daily basis through professional football coaching and home visitations, to encourage social change within the families of the youth and their communities. The project team also works with the families in a support capacity to develop their employability prospects, thereby encouraging economic independence, and improved livelihood outcomes for the young men.